Ready or not in a few short days (3/30) all FB Brand Pages will get the new timeline.  I’ve talked to and read many page owners question what to do with the infamous Cover Photo. 899×350 area of space (I oversized a bit to ensure it fits) that you can’t use for advertising information such as website, phone # or email and you can not use for call to action (CTA) such as like my page, sign up, etc.

So what is a small business page owner to do? We’ve perused Facebook and a collected 15 great examples of ways to use the cover photo in the new time line. Some examples require little to no graphic design so you can implement in a pinch, and all easy to implement for any size business.

Use your Logo

You’ve probably got a perfectly good logo that is already on all of your advertising material and widely recognized by your customers. So, why not use it for your cover photo. Just make sure you use a high quality file so it doesn’t look blurry and distorted.

Tell something about your business

Just because the guidelines say no CTA or advertising, doesn’t mean you can’t use the cover photo  simply state what you do. List your products, tag line, or even a great quote.

Show who your are and how you do it

Nothing build a personal connection, like giving visitors and inside look. Use your cover photo to give visitors a sneak peak behind the scenes. Something more than they would see on your average polished advertisement, like photos of staff or members, the office, even thee area where you’re business is located

Show your product

What a better place than on you cover photo than to showcase the best of what you have to offer

Make your profile picture your call to action

Here’s a great way to squeeze  in a little advertising. Combine some of the other techniques we discussed for you cover photo and use your profile picture to sneak in your website or email.

Show yourself

This is a great use of the new time line especially for sole-proprietorships. Use your cover photo or profile pic to help put a face behind the name. When you are your business, help build that brand recognition by adding your own picture to your time line.

Do nothing!!!!!

I know this sounds crazy, but don’t stress if you don’t have time create an amazing cover photo in the next 9 days. This is probably the best gift from Facebook, whether there’s a cover photo or not your page won’t look incomplete or have a blaring under construction sign. The background will remain a nice Facebook gray with your profile pic until you get around to posting something (but don’t leave it that way for long 😉 ). Whew one less stress for this week, Thanks Facebook!

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