This question always comes up when talking about websites. From novice/beginners to expert/developers, everyone’s first questions is who’s you’re webhost. I’ve even had heated and sometime enlightening discussions on webhosting. And after this weeks big Go Daddy outage (read about it here), I figured I’d write a post about who I use, who I won’t use, some other good names and of course why.Who's your webhost

Note, I’m not the hosting “expert” buttttt I’ve been hosting my own sites for about 10 years, I resell hosting to my clients, and I build and maintain sites for clients on a variety of host. So while I admit I don’t eat, breath, sleep hosting I will say I’ve been living with it for quite awhile. The other thing I’ll note is my experiences are my own or my clients, not every host is a 100% good, bad , or ugly so you may or may not have experienced some other thing I point out, and you may not agree with my assessments and that is OK.


Ok, now that I’ve gotten through all of the disclaimers, LOL (I told you this can be a heated topic, I had to cut off the angry comments before they come my way) let’s get down to my recommendations and the ones I personally use.

Our Top Website hosts

Inmotion Hosting ( is my favorite and original hosting company. I went with them years ago because they had solid reviews and allow multiple sites under 1 account for a good price I can have six completely separate sites. I’ve been with them for 6 years if the offered reseller hosting I set up with them too. The only reason why I don’t use them for all of my needs is they don’t offer resell hosting and when I first started searching for hosting for 1 just one site their prices just weren’t competitive enough to recommend to my customers. Today I took a look at the site in preparation for this article and it looks like their business hosting package has got a lot better. To this day I still have 3 or my own sites on inmotion including this one.

Dot5hosting ( (affiliate link). This is my number one client recommended hosting. I offer my clients’ options: I can design on their existing hosting, I can host them on my resell hosting, or I can recommend a solid hosting service that I’ve used for years. This was my original option before I resell and I still recommend it for those clients that prefer to have service provided by different service providers. Most clients don’t need the Multi sites InMotion Hosting offers so I looked for the same superior quality, reliability, and great price to recommend to my clients. Since I started recommending them I’ve had clients on them for over 5 years going strong great support, several of those clients now self-maintain their sites and I haven’t gotten any complaints regarding learning and using the hosting. I’ve never had an issue with uptime, security, or getting a live person on a call late at night.

Site5 Hosting ( I resell hosting to new clients, and this who I’ve used for about a year and a half no major complaints, up time has been great, service notifications always give you plenty of time and reminders so you can fully support your clients. There is also very good documentation on being a reseller and they even offer a fee free Premium WordPress Themes. The only thing I’m not 100% with is there customer support. The primary way to contact the support is online chat, I have been able to contact support all times of the night which is great but sometimes it’s hard to communicate the problem via chat. I’ve had a few chat conversations where I longed for a customer service number to call.

Honorable Mentions for Good Website Hosting

In addition to those I personally use I also have a few honorable mentions that I’ve either used because a client had it from a previous sites, or it’s been highly recommend by some of my designer/developer friends. Those would be

BlueHost: I’ve used Blue for the last 2 years through a client; it was one of the few clients provided host that I’ve been really impressed with the WordPress install is pretty seamless, great uptime, and solid support. In addition, to my personal experience Blue host was also recommended by Michael Hyatt in recent video on setting up WordPress. I’m so impressed by their hosting that I will be looking at their resell options shortly

HostGator: I’ve previously overlooked Host Gator, but more and more I’m hearing more web professionals like myself talk about how great Host Gator is. The latest Host Gator conversation that had this week at a WordPress meet up prompted me to add it to this list. A well-known security professional raved about the security parameters at Host Gator. With security being such a growing concern these days any host with such high security recommendation is worth a second and a third look in my book.

The Bad in Website Hosting

Well now that I told you about the all of the host I love I have to tell you a little (I’m not going to go host bashing) about the ones I don’t like:
GoDaddy: Yes I am among one billion GoDaddy haters dislikers (probably 2 billion after this week’s episode) but for good reason. I have 2 clients still on Godaddy, support has been a challenge and from a designer stand point accessing back end files, databases, running server side scripts is horrible. In addition, several years ago I was the victim of the dreaded domain snatch, I used them for domain service (, for those that remember my blog), and after a year when my blog proved to be pretty popular magically my renewal date moved up 2 months and my domain was snatched. When I attempted to renew GoDaddy wanted several hundred dollars (domains usually cost $15) to reclaim my domain. So yeah for those reasons I’ll never use or recommend Go Daddy.

Network Solutions: This is another holder over from the meet up this week. At the mention of network solutions several pros in the room emphatically yelled out NOOO!!!!. So with so many options out there why even try it.

FatCow Hosting: This is the last of my no no list. I’ve had fat cow for 2 years. I initially purchased to test it out for my clients because of it’s low low price, about $50 dollars a year. Well after the fir3-4 months of numerous outages I never could or would recommend it to anyone especially my clients. I’m just waiting for the time to run out to move the inactive site I have on there.

So that’s my round up. What hosting praise or horror stories do you have? Tell me you thoughts on you host and add to the great host debate.