Every industry professional has a need for sometime type of calling or business cards. While most business cards have your standard contact information (name, phone, email, and social media) some industry cards require additional information specific to that industry. Recently we were approached with such a project, a good friend of ours, Tasha Philips, who has been working in the modeling industry asked us to design a unique dynamic model comp cards for her upcoming events.

To create this piece of work I started with 5 different looks from Tasha’s past events. I chose to use a very artistic face shot for the front of the card, to give potential scouts a clear look at her beautiful facial features. I pulled colors right from her makeup to create a call out for her name and contact information, which blends with the overall look but still stands out and puts focus on the important information like her name and contact information. On the back of the card I chose a full length photo to show her figure with three other smaller photos to show the versatility of her looks and poses. The goal here was to show as much of the model’s work as possible without cluttering the card. In addition, to just showing her looks I also wanted to subconsciously draw a potential scouts attention to the type of modeling Tasha does. Tasha has experience in both run way and photo shoot modeling, so to emphasize these I used several action photos to give a full view of her walk and grace on the stage.

Another key factor of these model comp cards is the physical attributes information. Potential scouts are often looking for a particular size, type, and build for their modeling jobs so the most important information beside the photo on a model comp card is the placement of this information. On this card I placed the models Weight, Measurements, Eye and Hair Color information in the middle column of the card against the dark background to ensure it stood out and grabbed the reader’s attention as they were viewing the card. A traditional business card contact information is the most important element on the card, however on a model comp card contact information takes a back seat to photos and physical attributes but is still important as with any business card to make sure someone can reach you if interested. For this card I placed the main contact information on the front and back giving it its own significance amongst the other elements. So here’s what we came up with, What do you think?

Model Comp Card by AKZMe Designs
As usual here at AKZMe Designs we stepped up to the challenge and produced amazing results. I discovered  when creating these comp cards is it is important to not only show the text and contact information, but to make sure we highlight our model and put visual emphasis on the type work she does.Do you need help with your model comp card or other industry specific business cards? Contact AKZMe Designs today we can turn your ordinary business card into a stand out show piece.