Meme’s are cute and really growing in popularity thanks to social media and easy editing tools like Instagram Frames App. “An internet meme is a cultural phenomenon, spreading like a virus, traveling from one person to another swiftly until it takes on a life of its own. “Meme’ is pronounced as ‘meem’, which rhymes with ‘seem’ or ‘team’. Meme is a term coined by Richard Dawkins.”

So this weekend I made one of my own and found a few others poking fun at people like me, Web Designers.

Here’s the one I put together “Keep Calm and Hire a Web designer”, I couldn’t believe there wasn’t already one out there

(for my fellow designers the Keep Calm Font I used was Gill Sans MT)

And here are some other I found around the web, I love the creativity and the laughs

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Your Websites imposiible to read on a smart phone

Hoursto make it workin IE