Don’t worry if you missed you can catch the full interview HERE !!!

Last night I had the pleasure of being the featured guest on Melinda Emerson’s #SmallBizChat. Smallbizchat is Melinda’s weekly Twitter chat geared towards helping and educations small business owners

“Every Wednesday, Twitter users use the hashtag #Smallbizchat to follow and participate in the live interviews Emerson conducts with noted small business experts from 8-9pm ET. The expert guests type answers to questions using their Twitter accounts and hundreds of entrepreneurs join in to learn from Emerson and the guest.”



Last night that guest expert was ME!!! I spent an hour chatting the Tai Goodwin (the owner of Launch While Working) and the SmallBizChat followers about Web Design Tips for Beginners. I answered great questions like:

  • What things stand out on a poorly designed site?
  • How can I improve readability of the text on my website? 
  • How often should I back up my website and what if my host is backing it up too?
  • I want to do eCommerce on my WordPress site, how can I do this?
  • Are there any tips on improving my web site SEO?   

….and many others. (Don’t worry if you missed you can catch the full interview HERE)


In addition, to my great night on the Twitter chat I also debuted my new eBook.

Website Content Workbook: A Guide for what should go inside your WebsiteWebsite Content Workbook by AKZMe Designs

The Website Content Workbook will guide you through creating the pages you need to ensure your website makes the best impact. This is a great resource for starting a new website or evaluating the effectiveness of your current site.

Its a great read and will really help focus your website content.

For a limited time it’s available to download HERE for FREE.
Over all it was a great experience and I hope my and Small Biz Chat fans had a great time and learned from the content. And a huge THANK YOU, THANK YOU to my fans who tuned in last night. I received several messages and calls.

Let me know what you thought? Did you catch the show last night, or read the interview posted here on Melinda’s website? Did I miss any burning questions? Post them here and we can continue to chat.