FindClientsonFacebookA few weeks ago I posted a poll about what our next blog post should be.  All of the topics did well, you’ll see them all over the next few weeks, but there was an over whelming response to my best kept secret on where to get clients on Facebook.

We all know your fan page is the overall face of your company to the Facebook world. Keeping up activity on your fan page is important for social proof, keeping your current customers engaged, and showing credibility to potential customers and shoppers.  Many businesses spend much of their time and effort on fan pages posting content, holding contest, having sales, etc. But this is not the key place to get clients; very rarely do you hear someone say “I saw all of the great quotes on your page so I had to call you”.


The Secret Sauce

I’ve found that the secret sauce on Facebook isn’t on your actual page, but it’s Facebook Groups. Facebook groups give you a unique opportunity to form relationships with people who share the same interest and build a level of trust that you normally only find in close knit face to face groups. By participating in Facebook groups I’ve built close business relationships that have lead to clients, guest posting spots, speaking opportunities, and even a few new friends. Many of the people you see on my page I initially met in a Facebook group.


All are not created equal

While I think Facebook groups are the greatest thing since sliced bread for businesses I’ll be the first to tell you,

  all groups are not created equal and you get out what you put out.
I know someone reading this post will run out a join a hundreds of groups, spend the next 7 days posting ads, information about themselves, and their business, and then they will come back here to tell me how this group thing isn’t working for them. Many groups are just spam hubs filled with people who are spammers parading as marketers (to be fair some think they are doing the right thing). Getting clients from Fracebook groups is more than just spamming, one of the key ingredients to getting the secret sauce to work is to find quality groups with good engagement and minimal self-promotion.  I look for groups that are well targeted to one topic or group of people, moderated, and spam free. I also look to see how many comments various post have, if people are commenting on post that’s a clear sign that they are reading and engaged. In groups like these members post real questions, have discussions, and form a circle of trust in the community. When you are engaged in a group (asking and answering questions) people see your real expertise and will natural come to you for guidance and services when they need someone in your field.


How to make it work for you

The other main ingredient in the Facebook group secret sauce is YOU. Making a group work for you requires one little thing, willingness give and share. When questions are asked or discussions started in a group hop on in and give your genuine advice or opinion. Don’t be afraid you are giving too much content for free; remember for every free tidbit you give there is always 1 person reading along that is willing to pay to learn more. Also don’t be afraid to ask your own questions. If you have a question there is usually someone willing to help or find you help, this shows that you are budding business owner just like them, and there is human side to you and your business.


Put your sauce to good use

There you have it ,my secret Facebook sauce. If you are looking for real engagement and clients on a Facebook take a look at Facebook groups and be ready to share and learn.

Do me favor, take 20 minutes today and search for a few groups that will be good for you make a quick list and share them in the comments below? If you’re already in a few good groups you can list below as well. I’ll start the list with my top 3 in the comments below.