Happy Earth Day!!!!

As usual Google doodles have struck again this time with a very cool growing garden doodle. They’ve even added a little rhyme below the doodle which links to a page where you can find local growers, buy discounted seeds, and learn more about the environment. “Roses are red, violets are blue, for Earth Day this year, let’s all plant a few

2012 Google Doodle

So why big deal about an Earth Day Doodle?

Google doodles aren’t just the cutest things that we look forward to on special holiday, but they are also part of one of the most ingenious marketing strategies. Many companies (Google doodles being the most infamous) like to highlight holidays, commemorative events, or important days in history in their web presence, not just because they are great world citizens but mainly because they are great traffic draws. What better way to show up in a feed or get retweeted on a trending topic than to be the one talking about it. By mentioning a special day on your Facebook page, writing a blog post (hint hint you’re reading one now) or tweeting about it, you are increasing your chances of showing up in the days Google searches, Facebook’s infamous “others talking about feeds’ and trending topics.

So get in on the conversation, let us know how you are “celebrating” Earth day on your social media page or site.