I’ve  heard many times before the money is in the list and email subscribers are customers waiting to be converted. Most marketers will tell you how great email marketing is and why you should be email marketing, but the next question is how do how do you build a list and get started?

email marketing -akzmedesigns.com1. First get an email client service.

An email client service will provide opt-in forms to place on your site, handle confirmation emails, give you newsletter and mailing templates, and reporting tools so you can see how we’ll it’s working. I use  iContact.com for a number of reason but other great ones on the market are Aweber, MailChimp, Constant Contact and Get Response. I highly encourage you to research mail client and whats best for you, many offer a free trial

2. Get people to sign up.

An opt-in form right on your website is the best option but you need something to entice visitors to sign up. The best way is to offer a freebie: an exclusive eBook, report, or even a discount coupon for joining the list. Something great that your perspective client would want or normally even pay for. My first freebie was my free ebook  and now I offer free webinars.

3. Start interacting with your list

The best way to interact with your list is create  a newsletter or share your regular blog post. This can be a little time consuming so some people just write a monthly letter introducing new products, what’s happening in the company, and relevant content, and information that can help. Any reason to reach out to your customer and remind them who you are is a good one. If you don’t have time to write yourself, collect relevant post you’ve seen from you niche this week and share your reading list for the week.

Yes, getting started with email marketing is that easy 3 simple steps, but that doesn’t always make it successful. Most email marketing campaigns fail due to over advertising.Consumers don’t always like advertising but they love information, so follow the 80/20 rule 80% content 20% sales. Retail sites can do a little more sales so go with 50/50 rule introducing new products and exclusive sales is great for retailers online marketing.