There has been lots of buzz about Facebooks new feature on Brand Pages to promote a post. In short Facebooks allows you to spend a set amount of money to boost your ranking in their algorithm and ensure your ad shows in more of your fans Facebooks Feeds. Most Business pages owners that I’ve talked to are outraged at having to pay to be seen on their own fans pages, most feel that if a person likes you page then they should automatically see your post. I completely agree with this however Facebook works a little different, even before Promote your post many of your Facebook fans have not being see your business post. Whether or not your post is seen depends on timing, the amount of that fans other feed activity, past interactions. It breaks down to these 3 questions that determine whether or not your fan sees you post

  • timing- Is the fan online and viewing there feed around the time you post or someone that know shares?
  • amount of that fans other feed activity- Does the fan have so many friends and other pages that your post are outweighed?
  • past interactions- Has the fan engaged with your page (liked a post or commented) recently?

Depending on your answers to this questions determines if your fans actually see your post in their feed. But now Facebook is giving your the chance to break the rules for a fee of course. Now when you make a post on your Facebook your are given the option to promote post, for a fee you can choose how much your post will reach more of your fans. The campaign runs for 3 days and it work similar to a pay per impression add campaign, where you are charged as more people see your post.

So this week I took a spin and tried out this new feature, I created a post about our new Portfolio Promotion last week and promoted it for $5. So here are the results

Face Book Promote a post the post Here’s the original post, as you can see this one reached about 40%. This is much better than my usually 10-15%
the promotion Here’s the promotion page. As the campaign progressed on this page you could see how much money you have left and how many people you have reached with this campaign.
Facebook Promite a Post % reached This shot gives a visual of how many fans saw the post blue are organic (meaning the would have seen the post without the promotion), pink are viral (these viewers saw the post because of a post on another fans page) and green are the paid post. As you can see almost double the other categories.
This is another visual of how many of your fans you’ve reached. The blue is your organic traffic, the green your paid traffic, and the white the % of unreached fans

So whats the conclusion, it’s not worth it. Although promoting the post increased my viewed post almost 4 times my average views the engagement was still down, only 3 fans like the post and many of them are regular poster. I may try again with a different type of post, but definitely no more than $5 for such a promotion.

I really believe this is FaceBook’s way of ushering in fees for business pages. What are your thoughts? Have you promoted a post?