On many web sites, the About Page is the forgotten page in the design and content gathering process. We often just write a few paragraphs about the business, the owner, some services, and walk away.

Every site has (or should have any about page), but the question is what does this extra page really do for you?  Is your about page really helping the customer connect with your business? And is it driving them to buy from or work with your business? If these answers are no, here are few ways to increase the effectiveness of you page and use it to get more of the results you want


Add pictures

Adding visual content always makes any page more effective, but don’t stop at showing just the CEO profile picture of you in a 3 piece suit. Add a few more pictures that show the human side of your business and your business at work. Use picture of you setting up a display, your work room area (if it’s clean), meeting with clients, or customers using your product. These types of pictures show the human aspect of the company and help the site visitor envision themselves working with you.  A photo collage like the one below is perfect to show different views of your business.

Picture Colage for about Page

Put emphasis on your awards, skills, prominent clients

Don’t bury these important pieces of information in a long paragraph somewhere, highlight your skills and accomplishments in key areas of your page so they stand out from the other text.  Use bullet list and place on the side or in between paragraphs of text to separate it fm the rest.  Check out these great examples

Emphazise Skills on About Page

Add a “Tell us about you section”

Adding a simple form to your about page can make the world of a difference to site visitor. Don’t just talk to your site visitors, but invite them to talk to you. After you’ve given your “how great the company is” pitch, put a form at the bottom or side of your page and name it “Tell us about you” or “Contact Us”. Don’t look at this as a repeat of your contact form; look at it as another chance to connect with visitors. Word the questions in the form just like you would a visitor to your store “What is your name?” “What brings you to our site today?” Even if no one ever answers the form, they’ll be thrilled you asked.

Here’s an example of an about me form in action:
Add a form to your About Page


Add a video to your page, but make it better add a QR code that leads to your video.

Put a new twist on an old trick. QR codes are all the rage these days. Use these codes deliver old information in a new way. Visitors are used to that same old video clips on sites, they may or may not want to click to see what you have to say. QR codes add mystery to your message, visitors will scan to see what the surprise is and be thrilled to you delivering a message. Use new technology and old technology to create a great About Us page experience.

QR Code on About Page

Link to ALL of your Social Media pages

Do you have Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, or Google+ pages linking back to your website? Well don’t forget link back to them. The about us page is a perfect place to remind visitors other ways to learn more about your business. I’ve even seen pages that post their Twitter feed on the about us page; this is a great way to keep your content new and fresh so visitors can get the latest updates about you.

Here are 2 good examples at using your social media sites

Add Social Media Links to About PageTwitter feed on Website About Page


Use Visual Effects Everywhere

I know I already talked about the use of pictures, but the visual appeal of your page is so important I had to stress it again.  Use different colors, fonts, icons etc. on the about me page. The about page is where you can be a little creative and communicate your style to the visitor. Take it a step further than just pictures, add bullets and icons where ever you can to make your content more visually appealing.  To really spice it up your about us information into a graph, chart, or time line out. For example a fun timeline with key dates in company history, or a pie chart with our skills making up the whole pie of what you have to offer. Showing your information graphically will make it more memorable and appealing to site visitors. Check out this great use of graphics on about pages.


Chart, Graph, Timeline make about page content more effective


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