If you missed our online Q&A session on Facebook this week, here’s a recap of some of the great questions and answers

Q: For a small business is a website enough? Does the small business need to have a fb page, twitter, Google+, etc. accounts? Is that an overkill?

A: In today’s social media heavy world, having just a website is not enough. A good website gives all the information and product you have to offer,and effective use of social media helps to drive visitors to that site.


Q: Should flash be used for websites? If not, please explain why and what other method could be used to make the website pop and appealing.

A: I definitely think its best to stay away from flash because it is not viewable on most mobile devices, if you choose flash make sure you set up a m. mobile site. A m. site will redirect users on mobile devices to a simple site where they can still view your information


Q: Quick question, should websites have multiple fonts?

A:You can and should have multiple fonts, it is and to the design of the site, but I suggest no more than 2 or 3 fonts. Also use them consistently throughout the site one font for titles, another for text, etc.


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