AKZMe Designs' Akilah Thompkins-Robinson and Author Michael Port

AKZMe Designs’ Akilah Thompkins-Robinson and Author Michael Port

Book Yourself Solid is Michael Port’s personal system on getting clients and getting paid to do the work you love. Book Yourself Solid has grown from 1 book he published in 2006 to now on it 4th Edition the latest one an illustrated version, to a major movement with a school of coaches an alliance of coaching students around the world and it even has an app. Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending training in Philadelphia with Michael Port author of Book Yourself Solid and some of his elite Book Yourself Solid Coaches. This live event was amazing, the first of its kind that Michael has done in about 7 years. It wasn’t one of those events where the headline person talks to the group for 30 mins and then hands it over to trainers. Michael spent the entire day 9-5 working with me and about 100 other attendees, explaining various sections, helping us with the exercises and best of all answer.

We spent  the day learning about the Book Yourself Solid:


  • Red Carpet policy- Choosing your target market and only working with your ideal client. Michael teaches that by focusing on the clients you really want you do your best work which in turn yields more clients. Break out the NO! sign
  • Creating the sales funnel- This is different than the traditional sales funnel where potentials start at the top an trickle down, Instead this sales funnel allows flexibility where there is always opening for someone to enter at any stage
  • Always have something to invite them to strategy- this was one of my favorites having regular sessions or event to invite people to help introduce them to you, NOT your product but you
  • Creating products for all levels- we did a great exercise on identifying your target client, where to find the clients, and determine what information or product they need. With that information you create products that attract clients and varying levels on entry (ie you can create your freebie, $19.95 book, slightly higher group sessions, and then your premium one on one products.

He also went into detail about the 4 steps to Building Trust and Credibility and The 6 Core Self Promotion Strategies 2 key modules covered in the book.

I could write a mini book about all of the great information I learned on Saturday, I can’t wait to go step by step through each exercise and put everything into practices (hint hint look out for big changes here at AKZMe Designs)
Aside from the great content the other thing I loved about the Book Yourself Solid book is the style used to teach the information. This book is more than just a bunch of text and another Expert telling you how they did it and what you should do. Instead this book is more of a lesson a mini class, in every chapter there are multiple exercises for you to pull out pen and pad and really put what you read to word for you and step by step take you through the process and get booked solid. The latest illustrated version is even better because it has space right in the book to work through the exercises and has hundreds of illustrations and diagrams to help you visualize the lesson.

And now for the fun part, the giveaway

I didn’t spend the great day with Michael Port and forget about you all of my fans and followers back home. Instead I brought you back an amazing gift. I’ve got 2 Autographed copies of Michael Port’s latest edition of Book Yourself Solid, Book Yourself Solid Illustrated. You can read the full reviews here on Amazon , but you don’t have buy now sign up below and be entered to win one of the autographed copies I got from Michael himself.

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