This is a great read is you are trying to wade through the water of Search Engine Optimization.

Excerpt from SEO obstacle course is tough on a 59 yr. old traveler

SEO the same thing. I am getting a better handle on it. Plugins from wordpress have helped, though I did have to sort through them and find what I was comfortable with.

I settled on those that help me track traffic, tell me whether my site is SEO friendly, makes it easier to follow me and, of course, everything gets submitted to google analytics!

SEO Smartlinks: links to other pages in my blog that relate to the new post I am putting up. Supposedly, the google “secret robots” like the looks of this. A good example of a website that does this a lot is Wikipedia – they interlink everything. If you do not believe that the robots like this stuff, just do a search of something. Wikipedia will be in the top 10.

SEO Pressor: This keeps track of the key word on your post. It then tells you right out of the starting gate whether your post stays on subject. For example, this post is about SEO. So, the SEO pressor will tell me how well that word’s mentioned in the post to get me a good ranking. Right now I am at 78% – the key is to get above 90%. I do not have a picture and I do not have internal links.

Problem is it costs $47 for 1 site, $97 for multiple sites. I hate paying for these things, but this one seemed worth it. I’ve been pleased with the SEO Pressor so far.

WebNinja GA plugin allows me to keep track of traffic throughout the day. I do not do that often. When I have a lot of things to do that keeps me glued to the computer, it is a nice plugin to have.