We recently wrote guest post for online magazine and community Launch While Working. Its a great article on important things to look out for when building our website.

7 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Building Their First Website

So you decided to take the plunge and build your first website. If you are reading this, hopefully we’ve caught you soon enough in your research mode to keep you from making these newbie mistakes shared by Employedpreneur Network member Akilah Thompkins-Robinson.

1. The About Information Is Too Much About You And Not Enough About The Business.

Often when a company is just getting started there isn’t a lot of information to add on the about page; so in the absence of business information new entrepreneurs talk about themselves. While it’s nice to hear about your wife, husband, kids, degrees, and last 5 jobs; that isn’t what your business is about. If you do not have a lot of awards, a high client history or content to share, add more information about the business. It’s ok to repeat the products and services you offer throughout your web site.

Stop by and read the full article, compare these mistakes to your website and see if you are making any