whats stopping your customers from shopping your online storeAs many of you may know I love to shop. Off-line, online, anywhere, I love to shop. But I hate to shop on shoddy looking websites,  websites that don’t  meet my expectations, or any web site that looks questionable and thrown together. It’s almost sad to see a great product posted on FB and when I click the link to purchase, I can’t bare to give them my credit information, or i’m afraid even using pay pal I’ll never see my purchase.

Since it’s that time of year for major ONLINE SHOPPING,I figured I’d take this month to help as many online retailers as I can make sure they are inviting and not scaring their consumers. Last week I shared with the readers of LaunchWhileWorking.com 10 Ways to Get Your Website Ready for the Holiday Shopping Season. I talked about ways to make your site friendly, inviting, and how to encourage people visit and shop. This week is our Part 2. It’s great to get visitors to your site, but the key is to get them stay and shop. It is just as important to know how not to scare customers away from your site as it is to know how to get them there.

I know I’m not alone in my hate strong dislike for a bad online store, so for today’s post I collected feedback from various online groups. I asked average shoppers, business owners, and even other web designers; what do they look for when shopping online and what makes them to decided to shop or not to shop.

Here’s some of their feedback about Online shopping:

On purchasing

“Before purchasing, I look for coupons/promo codes online” -Lakesha  B.  (from http://uncommonchick.com)

“their choice of payment gateway service provider”  (Editor’s note: many consumers prefer small business sites to have trusted source like PayPal, Google Checkout, or Authorize.net) –Sherree S. (from www.sapersteinandassociates.info)

“Payment must also be secure and recognized name brand like PayPal or Amazon before I’ll give up credit card info.”- Anthony Q. A.

“For me, the experience needs to be as easy as Amazon or iTunes. I trust Paypal payments and Verisign. As few steps as possible”- Troy N.

“Amazon is my FAVORITE!!!! Only because I just simply trust them and they make shopping easy. Another one for me is to be able to access someone in case I need something or if my order goes wrong.”- Tee M.

“I always look for the trusted online security icon at the bottom of the website.” Charlotte H. T.

On Site design and content

“User friendly sites, clear message, return policy. Pricing when there’s products being sold, contact information email and phone number, and guarantee statement”- Tawawn L.

“IS it (the website) complete? A bio? Articles, contact info.”- Ann E.

“spelling errors & tackiness & then coupons “ -Manicurist Candice V.

“Customer comments, user friendly site, return policy, customer service contact info easy to find.“-Golda S. (from www.goldasmith.com)

“The most important thing to me from jump is a professional looking website and purchasing system. It’s so easy nowadays to create a good clean website, that if I see something that looks dated or poorly put together, I automatically take it as a bad reflection of the business, since it’s such an easy and crucial thing to get right. After that, I like a layout that makes it easy to browse multiple products and go back and forth. If it takes too many clicks, I’m probably outta there. “- Anthony Q. A.

On customer feedback

“I look for referrals and testimonials and the website design.”- Frances F.

“site security and credibility (BBB rating, etc.)”- Montisha S.

“comments from other consumers is excellent and BBB rating. I just dealt with a company who had no BBB rating which is not required. Well needless to say, me and several hundred people have lawsuit on this company.” Anonymous

“I try to find local businesses online for my needs first, and then I look for a privacy policy, product/shipping cost, and return policy.” Geneva R.

On Products

“Depends on what the product/service is. It’s usually the sales copy that gets me going.” – Natima N. (from 

“Security, comments from other consumers, product information and customer service contact hours.”- Niki C.

“If it’s software – documentation. If they have no instructions or poorly written instructions I don’t usually make a purchase. I also look for their policies – if they have 30, 60, 90 day return/refund policy I feel better. If not it’s a hard sale for me. If they have an forum and they have not answered or responded to people’s questions, or been snotty about it – I pass too”– Tai G ( from www.launchwhileworking.com)

So there you have it feedback from everyday consumers and business owners here’s a post with a few of their answers hopefully this will give you some ideas encouragement always to improve your shop to make to meet customers expectation.