Lately I’ve seen more and more small business websites without a favicon or using a generic favicon like Vista Print’s signature V. Some don’t know what a favicon is or how important it is to our brand.  Today I decided to take a look all things favicon and help my fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners take advantage of this valuable branding tool.

What’s is a Favicon

A favicon is small (usually 16×16) image used by browsers to quickly identify your website. The most common place you see favicon is before or after your sites name in tabbed browser. For example:

Why do you need a Favicon?

This answer is simple


This small seemingly insignificant image is the key to your brand recognition online. Not having a favicon is often one of the most  missed branding opportunities. Having a recognized favicon can make all the difference when a user has 20 websites open and they need to quickly find yours in a browser that looks like this:

How many of these sites can you identify from just their favicon?


And if branding in tabs isn’t enough look at all the other places favicons are used:





How do you get a Favicon?

Now you’re SOLD!! Getting a favicon has been added to you thing to do list for this weekend. But how do you get one and how much?

Here’s the good news creating and adding a favicon is very easy and it can be FREE! Many companies use their exiting logo or branding to create their favicon, using first letter of the logo or a symbol that the company uses.  Another good alternative if you don’t have a logo is find a picture that represents your business. For example, if you’re a florist why not make your favorite flower your favicon, or a great head shot of the company president. It’s nice to see your face in your browser.

Once you’ve picked a picture you can use one of many free Favicon generators available online. You upload your photo and the site gives you a favicon.ico file to use on your site. Here’s a great one that I use:

Last upload your favicon.ico file to your site, many DIY sites like some WordPress themes, Vista Print, and Wix allow you to upload your favicon.ico file right from their webpages. If you don’t have an option to add it and you have access to your file manager simply upload the favicon file to your root directory (the same folder where you index.html file is), browser automatically look for this file when loading your page so if there is a favicon there it will find.

And that’s it magically you’ll have a favicon of your own and let the BRANDING begin!!!!



Do you have a great favicon? Show it off, post your site in a comment and we’ll check your favicon out.