WordPress is an amazing Content Management System and web authoring tool, but these days you need a little more than a nice site to really impress visitors. There are plenty of 3rd party applications you can sign up and integrate with your site, but often they require a high volume and additional cost. Overall the years I have found several FREE (or mostly free) WordPress Plugins that add  functionality to your website and make it more interactive.

Customers are looking for sites where they not only can learn more about the business,  but also they can contact, set up appointments, and overall interact with the company. The longer a visitor stays on your site the more likely that are to become a customer. And giving existing clients something to do on your site  gives them incentive to keep visiting, and gives you another opportunity to introduce them to more products and services. So below I’ve listed 6 great plugins that I’ve used on my site and clients,   that you can use to add  functionality.

ALO EasyMail newsletter

This is a simple newsletter plugin. It has an opt-in form which can place on a page or widget to collect visitors’ names and emails. And a full newsletter tool to create newsletters from your post, and send it to the emails you’ve collected. There is also list export tool so if and when you’re ready to move to a 3rd party newsletter application you can export your list and never lose a contact.

ALO Newsletter Plugin- WordPress plugins to add functionality

CP Appointment Calendar

This plugin allows you to offer appointment scheduling right on your website (see our new Booking page). You can set you’re availability in the calendar tools and visitors can pick the available time and date they’d like to meet. Once an appointment is selected the time slot becomes unavailable, and an email is sent to you and the customer. An added bonus you can integrate with your PayPal account and charge for appointments.

 CP Appointment Plugin- WordPress plugins to add functionality

WordPress Advance Ticket System (WATS)

The WATS plugin adds help desk support ticket functionality right to your website. This is definitely a great added benefit to your clients if you offer any type of support services or maintenance plans. Instead of repeated calls and emails they can submit support ticket and check back to its progress.

 WATS Plugin- WordPress plugins to add functionality

Contact Form 7

Don’t settle for the standard contact page form use a good contact form plugin to build questionnaires, there are many nice contact form plug-ins out there but my top pick is Contact Form 7. First I love that’s its FREE: D, the other it allows you create horizontal and vertical forms. Last, each form has its own short code so it’s easy to add forms to a page, post or even multiple forms if you’d like. The data collections possibilities are endless.

 contact form 7

Google Translator

I found this plugin while working with a politician in a multilingual community, he was looking for way to make his website available to all of his constituents. This little plugin worked so well I added it to my site (check out my footer). The plugin adds a widget  that allows you to choose from a drop down of about 20 languages, when selected it uses the Google translate function to translate your entire site text, titles, etc.  I’ve had the translation checked by several

 google translator

WP Event Ticketing  

The WP Event Ticketing plugin makes it easy to sell and manage tickets for your event. This plug-in gives you a lot of the functionality of Eventbrite right on your website. You can set up multiple tickets sale packages, set sales limits, get robust reporting, etc. I’ve used the plugin for ticketed events, virtual events, and class registrations. A great plug in if your business holds a few events per year. The only limit I’ve found with this plug-in is it works best if you only have one event at a time other than that it’s perfect.

 Event Ticketing


Have you found any great plugins that add functionality to your wordpress website or tried any of these? If so, add them to the comments below.