Gasp you don' have to blogGasp!!! I can’t believe I just wrote that.

If you’ve read 31 Days to Boost Your Business Online Presence presentation or attended a workshop, you’ll know I’m all about the blog. Blogging is a great benefit for many business websites; it provides search benefits, drives traffic to your site, builds authority and credibility in your industry, and provides content to share on social media. But it can be time consuming, sometimes stressful, and requires a real commitment, so I realize it’s not for everyone.

Recently I’ve read 2 articles on why you don’t need to blog or “blogging is dumb”. I’m not that extreme but I recognize that there are some alternatives. The bad part about these posts I read is that the told you all the reasons why you don’t need to blog but they neglected to share what you can do to replace and still get the benefits, so in this post I’m sharing some of my alternate recommendations to blogging. The great thing about these alternatives is you can use them if you don’t blog and incorporate them even if you do blog.

1. Guest Blog

In 31 Days to Boost Your Business Online Presence, talk about this to too. Guest blogging is the #1 way to expand your audience and build authority and credibility. I believe everyone should get off their blog and share their knowledge with someone else. If you don’t have time to run your own blog reach out to related industries blog and see if you can write a post as a Subject Matter Expert for their blog. A great example is a post I recently published by attorney Merissa Grayson, 5 Legal Notices you need on your Website today, Merissa shared her legal expertise on website notices with our audience here at AKZMe Designs and this has been one of my most visited and shared post for the few weeks when it was published,

2. Get experts to be your bloggers.

Take the stress out of the need to write every post by inviting others to contribute to your blog. Every industry has small, medium, and large experts. You may not get Seth Goodin (although it doesn’t hurt to try) but maybe the president of your local chamber of commerce or the go to business coach in your area. Look for other leaders in your industry and ask them if they’d contribute to your site, either by writing a blog post, doing an interview, or even giving a top ten list of helpful tips. Here are a few tips on getting the perfect contributors  don’t be afraid to ask, make sure you are already familiar with their work, and make it easy for them to contribute send potential topics, interview questions, if you’re at an event ask for a few minutes to get their thoughts and record the information they give you.

3. Make it a resource page.

You’ve got a few good post ideas but you don’t have time or energy for daily or even weekly writing or even you have great links to information you’d like to share. Don’t toss away the good content you already have, remove the dates from the post and rename the blog Resource Page. A resource page can have 1 or two post/topics or multiple topics. The great thing about a resource page, is the expectation isn’t that you will continuously add to it so it’s a lot less pressure than maintaining a blog. You can provide helpful information that readers interested in your business or organization may also find interesting which helps establish as a source for information and the additional content provides great SEO (search engine optimization) benefits. Here’s an example of a list resource page I did for a non-profit client; I highly recommend resource pages for all of my non-profit and subject matter expert clients who don’t have the time blog.

So here you have it Guest Blog, Get Experts, and Make a Resource page; 3 great ways you can still get the traffic, search boost, and other benefits of blogging without the blog. I hope these tips help take the pressure out of the need to produce a blog post ever week and HAPPY NON-BLOGGING!!!!