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Our level of Customer Service

Many clients biggest concerns when they come to AKZMe Designs is “what kind of service will I receive during and after the Web design process and how will things staff on track”. Along with designing I’m also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and I have an ITIL certification, I’ve spent years studying project management and I have developed project management and customer  support processes that utilize the best tool to ensure the optimal customer service is provides to our clients before, during, and even following our initial project.

Project Management

Keeping your project on track

Like most companies, we utilize email and phone calls to communicate with clients but we step it up a notch with the use of our Mavenlink Project Management system. After signing the contract with is us, the first thing we do is get your project plan setup in Mavenlink. Mavenlinks lets us track the project’s plan, upload and store project files, and house all of our project communications. There is no more questions about where we are in the process and was this or that document sent. It’s all in your project space. The other great thing is maven link allows multiple users in the group so it’s great for communicating with everyone on your team and ensuring we are all on the same page. And don’t worry about giving up email you can email directly to the project space just as you would my individual email.
Online Scheduling

No more phone tag

No more playing phone tag with your designer and fighting to find time to meet. We try to schedule weekly project meetings to keep everyone informed and on track with the web design project. I also offer online scheduling so anytime you need to make an appointment you can use the provided link to to get my most up to date calendar and make your appointment.
Support Desk

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

After the site is live we offer an online help desk system using fresh desk. Whether you have a website maintenance package or just an occasional question or issue you can submits an issue or request to our ticketing system and it will be promptly addressed. Within the ticketing system you can track your tickets turn around, see who is working on it, see all of your past tickets.

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[okbox]“I had a 20 minute coaching session with Akilah A. T. Robinson! She gave me so much insight! I am already putting things in motion to upgrade my business.”

I learned so much and started implementing your tips last night after the webinar wrapped up! I highly recommend everyone check out any of her upcoming ones!!

~Melani Jones
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