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Along with great design we also offer services to help our clients succeed online. Promoting your business on line is more than just a few posts on social media or a Google ad; to be successful you’ll need to incorporate a variety of web strategies from effective social media to email marketing. We specialize in analyzing our client’s current marketing strategy and industry trends and from that creating a plan that you can use to grow your business online, drive traffic to your site, and increase sales.

Our web marketing strategy programs can be used for any business whether we built your website, your web site is already built and you need help getting off the ground, or even if you’re not ready for a site but need to start growing your business online.

For your convenience we already identified of our core programs, that we’ve found is the most value to our clients in succeeding online:

Get Started online Program

This program is perfect for business just getting started online. We answer the questions what social media do I need? Am I ready for a website? How do I get started? The program includes 3 1 on 1 sessions first to gather information about your business and goals, second to introduce the proposed strategy, third to identify how to get started and you 30,60, and 90 day plan. We also offer checking sessions if you need help along the way.

Email Marketing Program

Email marketing is still the most effective way to reach clients online, but it’s so much more than just sending out a newsletter. In this program we answer the questions how to build an email list, how to engage your email list, how to effectively use your email list to sell products and attract clients to buy.


Social Media Marketing Program

Social media marketing has become a growing institute in business; it’s no longer just a trend it’s here to stay. With that we believe every business owner needs to grow their social media skills and have some knowledge of what works for them on social media. In this program we answer the questions

What social media platforms should I use, how can we make managing social media easier, where to find my market on social media and how to engage with them. We also train you on how to use the platforms we select and introduce a few tools to make your social media marketing task much easier.

Jump Start Your Launch

This a 3 month intensive program that helps get your website started right. Gone are the days of if you build it they will come; now you have to promote and market a site before it even goes live to really get the maximum benefits. This program includes or email and social media programs. We start a few weeks before your go live to create the buzz about your site and get traffic ready and willing to visit. After launch I work with you for 3 months to maximize you visibility online, grow your other web marketing efforts and funnel traffic right to your new site to close the deal.

Contact us today to learn more about any of these programs and how we can incorporate them into what you are doing online.

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[okbox]“I had a 20 minute coaching session with Akilah A. T. Robinson! She gave me so much insight! I am already putting things in motion to upgrade my business.”

I learned so much and started implementing your tips last night after the webinar wrapped up! I highly recommend everyone check out any of her upcoming ones!!

~Melani Jones
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